Anabel Smith
“Adam you are so nice. I thought of you all on Monday and wished I was with you. Roll on the summer workshop.”
Yvonne Payne

“The games helped me learn lots in a fun, exciting way. The meditation helped me to focus before we got started, which was really good as I can get a little nervous.”

Nicola Reid

It’s always a confidence boost attending the workshops, especially at the minute when it’s difficult to find time to practice as I do worry that I’m going backwards!

Lucy Campbell (aged 4)

Mr Adam is a genius!

Mat Rennie (aged 10)

Guess what I won – the best improved fiddle player’s prize. Must be down to you Adam!

Nicola Mckay (aged 32)

Adam is so patient in his approach. He never minimises students’ problems and although I am a beginner, he makes my playing feel valued.

Anne Smith (age 62)

These were the best workshops to date. They were so hands on and I really liked the improvising part too.

Joanna Mearns (age 13)

We covered a variety of topics which I very much enjoyed learning about!