Strings for All Summer 2014

My wonderful students at the Strings for All summer event in Eastbourne 2014

All of my students played beautifully :)) 
We followed this amazing pathway whereby we started improvising on open strings some rock, others classical. 

Participants then used these ideas to form their own compositions which ranged from Angry Birds to classical cadenzas. Amazing results. 

The day was rounded off with meditation, solo pieces and the Overture from Mozart’s Magic Flute. 

You all played stunningly and I have suggested that the ‘younger’ players use these ideas for school exams. 

More workshops in December 2014 this year! 

Adam :-))

This has proven to be an incredibly exciting year so far. In April and January, Strings for All workshops were brilliantly received in Aberdeen and Eastbourne.   

Some of the comments from partcipants included:

“It’s always a confidence boost attending the workshops, especially at the minute when it’s difficult to find time to practice as I do worry that I’m going backwards!” Nicola Reid, Inverurie.

“Adam you are so nice. I thought of you all on Monday and wished I was with you. Roll on the summer workshop.” Anabel Smith, Aberdeen 

“The games helped me learn lots in a fun, exciting way. The meditation helped me to focus before we got started, which was really good as I can get a little nervous.” Yvonne Payne, Longside.

Please check the Events calendar for future Strings for All workshops. 

I am very happy to announce the arrival of Stella Homewoods new album – The Wild Places. It’s stunning and I’m playing violin on a number of tracks.

Please see – for more info and  

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