Winter/Spring 2015!

Folk fiddle and Bodhran day:

LAST Monday was another fantastic workshop day (Feb 16). We had ten fiddle players who dutifully learnt a mixture of traditonal fiddle reels, composed their own for the first time and learned one by heart.  Writing words and poetry to music was the order of the day too.  

Our wonderful ten all feel confident enough to now play at ‘real’! folk sessions in various East Sussex venues. Numbers and e-mails were swapped and friendships were forged. 

Irish Bodhran Champion:

FOR those of you who have never heard of a Bodhran, it is a Celtic drum a little like a huge tambor that has various types of animal skin attached to a wooden frame.  It makes an amazing sound with a tipper (beater) and players can also subtley change the pitch by moving their left hand against the back of the skin. 

The amazing news is that Irish Bodhran champion and recording artist, Junior Davey, will be joining us at our next workshop on March 29. It will be an amazing opportunity and it will help launch the drumming part of Strings for All. 

Coral Harmer-Brown and Magifestival in Alfriston:

AWESOME Sussex based singer and songwriter Coral invited me to record on a  number of her tracks last week and the vibe was astonishing. I feel really blessed that she asked me and I am so looking forward to being on her next album and also playing a set with Coral at the Magifestival in Alfriston this summer. 

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